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Installing the Printer Driver

A printer driver is a kind of software and Installing Printer Driver enables printing from any application without recognizing the particular printer model. Printer driver converts data in a language that a particular printer can understand. The printer driver can be classified into two categories including device-independent converters and converters to device-specific format. A printer has become an essential machine for both office and home. Installing a printer is a significant task in order to continue printing jobs. However, some printers install automatically by connecting them to a computer. But some printers require printer driver to complete the installation process. To install the printer driver follow these steps:

  1. 1) Check and agreed recommended settings for system built-in download printer driver software.
    • i) In Control Panel, search for Change device installation settings.
    • ii) Open the settings select Yes option and then tap on Save Changes.

If you don’t have a built-in driver, you need to install printer driver manually via CD Driver came along with your printer. Now, skip to next steps.

  1. 2) Go to Control Panel and click on the Devices and Printers.
  2. 3) Click on the Add a Printer option from the top.
  3. 4) Now select an option according to your requirement. Suppose you have a wired printer then click on Add a local printer option.
  4. 5) Choose to Use an existing port and select the USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB) option.
  5. 6) Click on the Next button. A list of built-in drivers will be shown, select your printer model (For example; HP printer or go to our HP Printer Support page).
  6. 7) Click on the Next button to install the driver.

If you don’t find your printer model in a built-in list or face any issue you can select the Have Disk option after downloading the driver via its website. Now put the driver path to install the driver. If this option doesn’t work choose Windows Update option in order to complete the installation. Now, your printer driver will be installed successfully.

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